"Speed of lightning

Roar of thunder

Fighting all who

rob or plunder 


Underdog, Underdog!"

Underdog may have been a beagle but he had the soul of a Caucasian

​We all like to think our dogs are superheros.

Many of our Caucasian friends are.

Here is one of their true protection stories.


"My family and I have wanted a Caucasian Ovcharka for some time. After several months of searching and talking to breeders we thought that Elena was the best choice. And now that our puppy is five months old we know we made the perfect decision. He's a wonderful addition to our family. We have 2 little boys a 9 year old and a 7 year old and I can honestly say that the puppy Elena picked for us is absolutely the perfect choice. He's very protective of the children and anything else on the property.

A family friend who has known both of the boys since they were born came to fill our propane. Although Barnabus was only 12-13 weeks old at the time, he was very friendly with Ray, our friend the entire time he was here. That was until he grabbed my older son by the head and said "how have you been Gage?" As soon as Barnabus saw our friend touch my son he growled at him and bit him in the leg on the calf. And I mean he grabbed a mouth full of leg. He really clamped down. Ray told me he bit really hard.

When we first brought him home we would take him to baseball practice just to be around the kids. But since he's now almost 6 months that's not possible anymore. He's becoming way more protective than we could have expected. If another animal even gets close to one of the boys he goes into protection mode. He's wonderful around any child but adults and other dogs he tries to stay really aware and away from. I'm very happy with him. I have no doubts that at full maturity he will do his job and make sure that my family is protected.

He's part of our family. He was house broke in a week or two. He sleeps in the bedroom with us. Every night before bed he gets up walks thru the house checks all the rooms, looks in our boys rooms and them comes and lays down.

I know there are a lot of other breeders out there that promise to give you a dog that will be big and aggressive and protect. Elena does a temperament test on her puppies and matches them with the family. I couldn't have asked for a better puppy. Elena really knows what she's doing with the way she runs her breeding program and also with the way she picks the families that she sends her puppies to. I'm very pleased and would recommend her to anyone that's looking to buy a Caucasian Ovcharka."

               Sincerely, Robbie


Faithful Guardian Caucasians

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There's no need to fear

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