Hi Elena,
Logan’s appetite is picking up - he definitely likes chicken on the bone! Today is the first time he’s eaten his lunch and he even finished it. I guess he just needed time to settle in.
Logan is a ton of fun - he seems to be house trained and always goes as soon as he’s taken outside. He is going up and down stairs and goes in his crate and exercise pen without issues. He’s even sitting at the door and waiting for me to put his leash on. He’s a very quick learner. His new favorite toy is a stuffed sheep I had that’s as big as he is!
Thanks again for breeding and raising such wonderful puppies!

​​Ozzy Bear aka “O.B”


John C Butler, Copperas Cove, TX

I have wanted a German Shepard for some time, when my daughter Donna was in Montana she met Elena though my sister and seen the puppies, then called me asking if she was able to get one. After thinking it over and talking to my sister who she felt that Elena was the best choice I told Donna she was able to bring one home with her. And now that Donna's puppy is ten months old I know I made the right decision on allowing her to have the puppy. Kitty has a great temperament around people when taking her out and about, but have noticed she is getting more protective around other dogs. She is very protective of Donna and if anything or one is around my home she lets us know, she is also very curious when people come near her and Donna that she does not know. As you may have guessed she is very protective of Donna, since she spends most of her time around Donna after school and on weekends Kitty has been very playful with her and Donna's friends. 

 She gets along with the cats to a point and now knows how close she can safely get to two of them without getting a claw on the nose. As a pup and her size they do tend to move out of her way, but stand up to her when needed and she had not hurt any of them.  After she came into the house it took about a week to make sure she was house trained. 

She sleep in Donna's room and blocks the door at night being the protective pup she had shown us to be.

I couldn't be happier or asked for a better puppy then Kitty.  I would recommend Elena to anyone that's looking to buy a Caucasian Ovcharka.

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have to say.

Good morning Elena,

I hope your holidays we're happy ones! We are doing great here in Oklahoma, I hate the bitter cold weather that we have been having but Ozzie is loving it. I just wanted to let you know he is doing great and we enjoy every minute with him. Ozzie is such an awesome dog he's very good at his job of guarding and so protective of us, he has perfect instincts on when to be protective and when to be friendly, it just amazes me that he just senses when someone is not right but he is so gentle when a family member or the kids come over. Ozzie loves playing with the grandchildren and he is so gentle with them, it blows my mind every time I see this huge dog playing so gently with the kids one minute and so ferociously protecting our land and livestock against coyotes the next minute. I really wasn't sure what we were getting ourselves into when we bought a Caucasian but now I would not own any other breed of dog. Ozzie has been such a great pleasure and companion to have around these last few 

months, I know I would not have survived retirement without him, I would have already gone stir crazy and went back to work. Lol thank you again for such a wonderful companion.

Have a great day


We couldn’t be more delighted with our dog.  He is beautiful, has a laid back, even keeled temperament on a daily basis, but when he senses danger, he is fiercely protective. He is vigilant, devoted, loving, intelligent and gets along well with our other dogs, pigs, and especially gentle and kind with young children. He is a wonderful addition to our family and farm.  He is also one of the easiest dogs we have ever trained; he is intuitive, sensitive and obedient.  He is 17 months old now, and is coming into his own and realizing/actualizing his role within the pack and around the farm.  We have two residencies one is a farm setting and the other is a residential area, and he is very adaptable to both situations, at the farm he has a large area to roam, in the city, he walks well on a leash.  We have owned various breeds of guardians for some time; he is high on the list (if not number 1) of the guardian breeds we have owned. 

As far as Elena, she is passionate and dedicated to her dogs, is a wealth of information and we highly recommend both she and her dogs.  We drove from Kentucky to Montana to meet her and pick up our pup (which is not a requirement of course).  So we have spent time with Elena in her home and seen all of her dogs.  She is the genuine article!  If you are on the fence about this breed, contact her, she will honestly discuss the breed with you and ensure you are a good match.  Elena’s goal is not to just crank out dogs for bucks, this is her lifework, and that quality and dedication is reflected in her dogs.

Thank you Elena, we are clearly smitten with our Ozzy Bear!




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Hi Elena,  
I was just thinking about the puppies. How are they?  Please send me photos when you take some.  Georgi is doing very well. He is a striking dog. When people see him they stop dead in their tracks and want to know what breed he is. He looks like a bear. He is such a good boy. All the early training you did made a big difference. He is very obedient and just a pleasure. 
Hope Bul Bashky is doing better .

I want to thank you so much for all your help with Logan. He has been a wonderful dog, so the behavioral issue we had was very upsetting for me. I hesitated to call you because I really didn't know if you'd be willing or able to help, but I am so glad that I did. In just a short time, Logan is much happier (and is acting like a different dog) and I am much happier with the changes we made as well. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your insight and willingness to take the time to help me work through the issue we were having. Needless to say, when we want to get another Caucasian in the future, you are the only breeder we will go to. 

She’s exactly as you said Elena! She’s exactly what we wanted. So far she has had a good afternoon and is resting. We are out tonight so she, Bubbie, Leo, and Sophia are hangin out at home.
Will call you tomorrow.


Thanks Elena, I got the package you sent. 
How often should I give Chanloof these chewies? Also, do I order them through you or the website? 

Btw Our Chanloof is doing very well. He's the smartest puppy class, the best with kids, and listens 10 times better than any of the other dogs that are older than he is. He's still teething so he's a biter with me / my husband but doesn't bite hard. He's just being a puppy. He won't nip at Lemon (our kiddo) or any random baby that might run up to him.  

He's getting big, we're at 35 pounds, and he's the best dog I've ever had and loves to be included in any family activity we're doing. If not he howls at us. He's totally apart of the family. He's gotten our routine down and doesn't bark at night unless something is wrong or he needs to go out. 
I can't wait till he gets larger, he's quite the sight. 

I plan on taking him to my family's farm for a visit  / won't be surprised if they want to get a puppy from you! 

Thanks again, and enjoy your weekend!