All puppies are sold by reservation.

A puppy application is available by request.

We begin crate training and basic manners.

​Phone: (406) 832-3285

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We take great pride​ in our puppies. We want them to grow to their full potential. That is why we start all of our puppies with early neurological stimulation, better know as the "super puppy program"

​5 Benefits of this program:

Improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate)

Stronger heart beat

Stronger adrenal gland

More tolerance to stress

Greater resistance to disease

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Raised in a stimulating environment, our puppies are bold and inquisitive.

Faithful Guardian Caucasians

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For photos of puppies from  previous litters

All of our puppies are "Super Puppies"

We use the Volhard puppy aptitude test

to aid us with puppy placement.