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           No early spay or neuter

Hormones play key roles in important body processes such as the closure of growth plates.

Some studies have indicated that altering your dog can have several adverse effects including an increase of hip dysplasia and cranial cruciate ligament tears.

If you feel you must spay or neuter we recommend alternative sterilization techniques that preserve normal edocrine functon and also waiting until your dog is physically and mentally mature, approximately 3 years of age.

                No vaccinations

Vaccinations are hard on a dog. If you must vaccinate, wait until  they are at least 16 weeks old and then only do what is required by your local laws . Try to only give one vaccine at a time.

                  Feed raw food

A diet of raw meat, bones and organs is nutritionally superior to cooked meat and /or commercial pet foods.

Cooking and processing destroys vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Chemical additives must be added back in for the lost nutrients. 

Most processed foods contain grains and cereals that a dogs digestive system is not equipped to digest.

So  I ask "why compromise nutrition for convenience and long term storage?"

The legend of the m‚Äčolosser breed

Faithful Guardian Caucasians is a small, independent, hobby kennel located high in the Rocky Mountains of Montana.

We strive to breed Caucasians with the traditional qualities they have been bred for for centuries, courage, strength, and intelligence. Our dogs are trainable and stable minded. They are Caucasians through and through, not just on the outside. They are genetically tested to ensure they are Caucasian and only Caucasian and to ensure they are free of any genetic health predispositions.

Our dogs are part of our family. They guard our stock, protect our home and accompany us on outings. They are working dogs, not just kennel dogs.

All of our litters are carefully planned. Deposits are taken prior to breeding to assure all puppies go to quality homes. The puppies are carefully observed and evaluated to assist in proper home placement. We begin socializing, desensitizing, crate training and expose the puppies to livestock before they are sent to their new homes.  

All of our animals are raised on an appropriate raw food diet. The puppies are weaned to this same diet.

About Us

Some of our beliefs

Faithful Guardian Caucasians

Hephaestus, blacksmith of the gods, forged Laeleps from Demonesian bronze and put a soul into him. He gave him to Zeus.  After  numerous owners, he was turned into the constalation Cainus Major (some say he was turned to stone) but not before he sired a race of mighty dogs.