​Breeder of Caucasian Ovcharkas and Tibetan mastiffs.

Bred to protect flock and family the Caucasian ovcharka is the ultimate in protection.

Large, strong, and naturally aggressive these dogs will lay down their lives to protect you or your property.

Highly intelligent, independent thinkers they require strong leadership. This dog is not for everyone.

Phone: (406) 832-3285         Email: faithfulguardiancaucasians@gmail.com

Through selective breeding we strive to ensure the traditional working characteristics of these breeds.

Faithful Guardian Caucasians

The Tibetan Mastiff

(aka Dry-Khyi, Tsang-Khyi, Do-Khyi)

​If you feel one of these breeds is the breed for you, if you'd like more information, contact us. 

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   Puppies by reservation.

​Unconditionally loyal, courageous and fearless the Tibetan Mastiff is a guardian dog supreme.

With a strong desire to please and protect their owner this ancient breed is a devoted protector.

Ever watchful and aloof, this territorial dog

is not for everyone.

Kennel of Caucasian Ovcharkas

(aka Caucasian Ovtcharka, Caucasian Shepard, Kavkazskaya Ovhcarka, Caucasian Volkodav,Caucasian Wolfhound)